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Five Day Film Festival


Spring 2023
"Sweded" Filmmaking Challenge

In Michel Gondry's film "Be Kind, Rewind", Jack Black and Mos Def accidentally erase all the tapes in the video store they are managing. In order to fool the customers, they take on the challenge of remaking all the films themselves. The customers do notice, but love the new versions. The perpetrators tell the customers that the films are processed in Sweden and are referred to as "Sweded".

The Spring Challenge this year is for teams of no more than five filmmakers to remake a popular film chosen randomly, capturing the essence of the film in a running time of five minutes or less, created within our five day contest period.

The Kickoff Event will take place at 6 PM on March 30th in the lobby of The Advanced Technology Center at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell. At the Kickoff, each team is asked to bring two suggestions for popular films to be "Sweded". The suggestions will be tossed into the hat with a few suggestions from our producers. Each team will then draw a film from the hat and will have five days to complete their personal version of that film. The completed films and all required paperwork must be turned in by 7 PM on Tuesday, April 4th in order to qualify for judging and prizes.

All the films will be screened at an awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 12th at 7 pm in the MCCC Advanced Technology Center Portal.

Audience Favorite Winner From Fall 2010

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